ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial


Dear donors,
dear friends of ETH,

From uncovering the secrets of the origins of life to developing custom treatments for serious illnesses: over the past year, ETH Zurich has been pushing ever forwards with projects ranging from basic research to the precise optimisation of medical care.

Opened in 2022, the Centre for Origin and Prevalence of Life is home to more than 40 research groups tackling some of humanity’s most fundamental questions. How did life on Earth develop and spread? Is there life out there beyond our own planet?

At the other end of the spectrum, researchers are tailoring treatments ever more specifically to the individual patient, thus helping to make a tangible improvement to their lives. One of these researchers is the molecular biologist Mandy Boontanrart, whose start-up, Ariya Bio, is developing a treatment for severe blood disorders. The budding entrepreneur is being supported by a Pioneer Fellowship, which provides her with start-up capital, mentoring and access to ETH labs.

Thanks to ETH’s donors and partners, we are able to push such ambitious projects forward. Your commitment and your support are opening up opportunities to further develop ideas, explore research topics in great depth and implement the results to the benefit of our society. With you at our side, ETH is able to react to challenges as they arise and look ahead to continuously expand the foundations upon which we can develop new findings and technologies.

Thank you for accompanying ETH on this exciting mission.

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Professor Pius Baschera
Chair of the Board of Trustees

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Professor Joël Mesot
President of ETH Zurich, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

ETH Zurich Foundation, Editorial

Dr Donald Tillman
Managing Director

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